What you set is what you get – Sound Menu Setup

Three weeks have passed since the Multimedia sprint, and KMix keeps happily evolving. The TODO list is melting at the same amazing speed as the bug list. There are about 20 items on my TODO list left, so lets show what we have of today.

Multimedia Control MPRIS2:

The multimedia control “MPRIS2” is now officially part of KMix. It is activated by default on all systems that support it, for example you get ALSA + MPRIS2 or OSS + MPRIS2. Pulseaudio has its own application stream volume control, so MPRIS2 is disabled to avoid showing the same stream twice.

Sound Menu Setup:

Are you a power user, or do you rather prefer a classical single master control?

Everything is possible – configure your Sound Menu now. See the image on the right – it allows to select which Master Controls you will see, and whether you also want to see the application volumes to get a full Sound Menu.


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  1. I think your widget there is somewhat wrong. You should use a QGroupBox instead (or is your style painting that so oddly?).



    • I found it superfluous as there is only one group. But you are probably right, as it makes the dialog look more standard. It’s not a top priority, but I will put it on my list. Thinking about it, the configuration dialog would be another candidate for such a change, as it has 3 groups.


  2. Great to see that you are picking up work on this important but neglected part of KDE, Are you also going to rid of the one-slider per tab approach of the current kmix (when using pulseaudio)? So will we also be able to show input and output streams on a single tab, like when using also or when using windows7? Thanks for your work!


    • It follows Linux design (pavucontrol), not Windows 7 design. In general I am not opposed to such an idea, but its at the discretion of the maintainer of the Pulseaudio backend.


  3. Posted by Alex on December 9, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Hi, can you please tell me where i can find the source code to compile kmix?
    I’m talking about the “new” kmix, the redesigned one. Thanks!


  4. Posted by Dimitris on December 11, 2012 at 3:54 am

    Hello, where can i find the source code for this? Thanks!


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