KDE Multimedia Sprint 2012 is closing down – Final thougts and achivements

Six days of talking, redesigning, eating (yum!) and hiking are over. It has been a nice time in the famous and fabulous Mattertal.

It was relaxing and productive, and has again proven why Sprints are so important. They help me to focus and to change perspective. For example I understood that the “communication infrastructure” needed a complete change. Without the Sprint I would have tackled that never-ever.

Also Sprints encourages cross-group work, for example José Millán Soto from the Accessibility team has added Accessibility support for KMix during the Sprint.

So what has been accomplished:

  • Redesigned and implemented KMix’s new communication infrastructure
  • Finalized the Sound Menu (I updated the screenshot in the former post)
  • Fixed 5 bugs
  • Closed all 2 Reviewboard task
  • Agreed to update http://userbase.kde.org/KMix  and use it as source for the handbook

A big “Thank You!” to the local organization team lead by Mario Fux, and the kitchen team for keeping us happy with Swiss food specials, and a never-ending stream of coffee and water.


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  1. […] being reflected by KMix. Thanks to the communication infrastructure established done during the Multimedia Sprint 2012 in Randa it was easy to keep KMix consistent. Additionally I refactored  the code for future additions like […]


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