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My Ubuntu trip into Desktop compatibility

Recently I needed to update my Operating System. As openSUSE 12.2 got delayed I decided to give Ubuntu a shot – everybody either hates or loves the Unity desktop, so I wanted to find out what’s the buzz about it. Interestingly enough, I got more than I bargained for. I got a glance on todays desktop compatibility.
All in all, Cross-Desktop works fine nowadays, but I found some nasty glitches:

  • The mouse wheel does not work at all
    Why? The Tray specification does not cover the mouse wheel.
    Solutions: Implement protocol in KMix and/or standardize by
  • There is no KMix volume popup
    Why? The Unity desktop treats both mouse buttons the same, and pop up the KMix menu.
    Solution: Replace menu by volume popup, as the former only duplicates functionality.
  • I had to add autostart manually on Ubuntu. On openSUSE you cannot avoid Autostart via GUI
    Solution: Implement GUI option for avoiding autostart. Write a user file for autostarting