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KMix’s Top Secret Features Part #1 : Volume Presets

KMix’s Top Secret Features is a new Mini series about some of the very cool and useful features in KMix. It is targeted at becoming part of KMix’s new official documentation, which is part of my Agenda of the KDE Multimedia Sprint 2012.

A Mockup of the KMix Tray v5 with 4 Volume Preset Buttons

KMix Tray with four Volume Preset Buttons (Mockup). You can already use Volume Presets via Keyboard Shortcut.

Can a mere Mixer have any surprising features, you might ask. This “Top Secret Features” article series will tell you – I hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Here is part #1.

Part #1 – Volume Presets

What is the best and fastest way to adapt your computer to your individual Multimedia needs, like music playback, working, recording or softening the volume in the evening?
The best would be let the computer do it automatically – alas it is not feasible for most situations. So the next best thing is to adjust your environment quickly with one mouse press or one keyboard shortcut.
With KMix can do so. Simply press CTRL-1 to restore the first volume preset, and CTRL-Shift-1 to store it. More volume presets are available using 2, 3 and 4 instead of 1. If you want to use it frequently you will want to create a global keyboard shortcut, which is possible from the KMix Main menu. If requested I will add a direct access via mouse like shown in the mockup to the right.