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Winter of 69 / Welcome KMix v4

KMix tray popup showing Master (PCM) and two MPRIS2 Media Applications

I am preparing KMix for KDE 4.8, and this means polishing and tying up all the lose ends. Overall I am rather happy –  this release looks like a really good one. KMix is heading for stability this time, and in this course I decided to redo my summer coup of closing 69 bugs in one week:

It actually looks so good that I decided to bump KMix to a new major version number KMix v4. This means we are getting closer to the “holy grail” KMix v5.

The new MPRIS2 Backend (see image right) is not active by default. Usually you will use ALSA together with MPRIS2 or Pulseaudio without MPRIS2. See below how to activate ALSA plus MPRIS2 in KMix v4.

killall kmix; sleep 2;
kwriteconfig -file kmixrc -group Global -key Backends -type string ALSA,MPRIS2 ;
sleep 1 ; kmix