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Take 3 minutes to help KDE e.V. finance a sprint

OpenSource development is a fun thing to do. You can form the tools for your daily work to your liking. You can make other people happy by fulfilling their wishes. And sometimes you meet the people you work with on a personal level. Those meetings are always a highlight and also a big push forward in development and for motivation.

KDE regularly organizes “Sprints” so that people can meet. Real-world meetings use real-world money, though. So sponsorships and donations are welcome. Currently the German bank DiBaDu offers sponsorship for the most voted 1000 associations.

Only 3 days left (until 15.11.2011, 17:00CET), and KDE needs some more votes to be in.
Please take 3 minutes of your time and vote for KDE. It’s easy (english explanation)

Vote for KDE

You have 3 votes. And all can go to KDE. Thanks for your time.


Horizontal mouse wheel support

Though I was primarily organizing KMix development as explained in my former post, I was still able to add some small features:

Summer of 69

During September and October 2011 I have started  (re)organizing KMix development quite a bit.

KMix bugs closed in September 2011

The proof: A screenshot from

  • Searching for maintainers of unmaintained components (e.g.the OSSv4 Backend).
  • Compiling a list of “Junior Jobs”. These are features that are not so complex, would be nice to have, but where I personally have no time or motivation to do them myself.
  • A big bug hunt and cleanup. Requesting feedback, bug triaging and forwarding bugs to the ALSA bugtracker. And fixing bugs! All in all there is an impressive reduction in then number of bugs in one month:


That are the news for today. Next month is dedicated to polishing the already started features for KDE4.8.