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KMix Project Coin

This is my August 2011 report. I am right now happily in a feature frenzy, adding nice and helpful bits and pieces all along KMix for KDE4.8. These changes are small (like a Coin) and more “behind the scenes”, but it is often the small features that count, so you might want to read on.

  • “Automatic elegant unmuting” – If you increase a playback volume on a muted control, it will automatically be activated (unmuted). This behavior is nowadays common in all kind of Hifi equipment, MP3 players and even car radios. Thus i rate this as a “do what I want” feature.
  • “Power to the people”– Save battery power and CPU cycles by adaptive polling. KMix CPU usage can be reduced by about 97% or more if you use the OSS driver. So for example FreeBSD users will be happy about this feature. Laptops and computers with a slow CPU should profit a lot from this change.
  • Trackpad helper” – Your Mouse Wheel, Volume Hotkeys and  DBUS commands changed the volume by 5% since KMix’s birth . You can now configure it freely, as in some use cases it can be too much, e.g. Trackpads.
    This feature is a bit exotic, so it is only available by changing KMix’s configuration file. If you want a 2,5% change,  you set in your kmixrc: