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I am going to Randa / Switzerland

Let the title not betray you – actually I am attending the Multimedia meeting of the KDE Sprint in Randa for some days already. KMix is receiving a major overhaul here. The new features are:

The KMix Sound Menu

  • Sound menu support
  • Labels on Multi-Channel controls, like “Surround Left” or “Center”
  • Media Control: You can control your Media Player from KMix. Read below for details.
  • For the technically interested: A new backend:¬†MPRIS

You can control application volumes from the indvidual Multimedia applications. Also you have playback controls for playing and skipping tracks of the running  Multimedia players. The approach is Cross-Desktop, so you will see Amarok as well as Banshee and xmms2.


KMix – Straight from the developers vault

The KDE Multimedia Mixer KMix is your single source for controlling all your Multimedia needs.

KMix Main Wndow

KMix as part of the KDE Desktop offers full access to volume management and media playback control.

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The freshest information from the KMix maintainer is posted always here first.